Young woman murdered in a running train in MP.

The SP reported,

“Passengers travelling in the train heard of some commotion in the running train. Suddenly, they saw a woman rushing towards them and before she could sit on a berth, fell down and collapsed.”

“She died because of excessive loss of blood," reported the police.

Source: Hindustan Times.

The woman had recently lost her job and was on her way to Bhopal to fetch for the same. The woman was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared her dead.

The accused slit her throat on a Bhopal-bound train near Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore after following her for months, a police officer reported.

Assistant police superintendent (Sehore) Sameer Yadav said the single mother of a two-year-old son summoned her brother when he spotted the alleged stalker, Sagar Soni, and asked him to call the police. Before police could help her, Soni plunged in her throat with a sharp-edged weapon. The brother accused police of inaction and sitting on his sister’s complaint in Indore against Soni a month ago for stalking and sending her obscene messages. Inspector general of police (Indore) HN Mishra promised to look into and investigate the matter.

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