Youth abducted by PLA of China, return back after a week.

Picture of Arunachal missing boys. Source:- India tv news

Seven boys from Arunachal Pradesh went to an unchartered forest near the LAC for adventure. They are identified as Toch Singkam, Prasat Ringling, Dongtu Ebiya, Tanu Baker, Tabu, Tate, and Ngaru Diri. These were teenaged boys who had just passed their 10th board exams.

Out of these seven, only Tabu and Tate return back on the same day, with the report of the rest, missing. Arunachal Pradesh often reports such cases of missing. After a long weak of distressed calls from their family, the boys return back to India. The youths were handed over to the Indian army by the PLA after completing the formalities.

At the border, the Covid-19 protocols make them stay in quarantine for a period of 14 days before they can reunite with their families.

As mentioned above, such cases of missing are very often reported in Arunachal Pradesh, and in this current year, already 3 such cases had already been filed with a successful rescue

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