Youthuprising against Disha Ravi's arrest #FingerOnYourLips surfaced socialmedia

An unbidden youth uprising has been persuaded on social media on Tuesday, against the arrest of 22 years old environmental activist Disha Ravi and non-bailable warrants in opposition to two others-Shantanu Muluk,31 and Nikita Jacib,29.

The hashtag protest#FingerOnYourLips

and #FreeDishaRavi complemented with symbolic pictures of peoples fingers on their lips to signify the attack on peoples freedom of speech and expression-"frequent suspension of dissent in the country" has been surfaced online throughout different social media communities.

One activist tweeted, "Finger on lips signifies curbing of dissent and is a show of solidarity for Disha and other young activists the government has been clamping down on under the draconian UAPA anti-terrorism law”.

“When someone protests, they aren’t the anti establishment. It is a show of trust in the establishment that they will change and improve,” reasoned another supporter's tweet.

The green activist expressed his anger by saying-"Finger on your lips if you know about locust attacks. Farmer suicides for the last ten years. Onion prices increasing 3 times yesterday. Finger on your lips if you know about Mollem Forest, Baghjan on fire, Aarey Forest. The hills of Niyamgiri. Illegal mining in Goa… If you know that our futures are not going to be the same in 6 years, then you can also put your finger on lips and say nothing. Because anything you say or do in India today will be twisted and used against you in a court of law.”

This silent outrageous social media campaign by thousands of Millenials from the whole nation has been attracted to media attention and questioned the much-discussed issue - freedom of speech in a democracy.

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